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There is no foolproof method of guaranteeing safety from all forms of rocket attack but Defence-Structures rocket screens will improve safety. A rocket screen can provide partial rocket propelled grenade protection and can be an intrinsic part of any RPG defense.

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Two different types of rocket screen

A rocket screen consists of:

a) + c) A yielding steel mesh screen, supported on yielding supports on a stand off from the wall. This mesh screen will catch, disrupt or detonate incoming rocket rounds or rocket propelled grenades.

b) + d) At a standoff inside the mesh screen there is a reinforced concrete wall with a composite steel inner skin. This will stop small fragments. Larger more energetic fragments will pulverise the concrete, and cause the composite steel liner to bulge or even be penetrated. Such fragments will have lost most of their energy. The mortar wall segments are carried by Defence-Structures framing (c), which can be self supporting or fastened to a Defence-Structures mortar roof (e).

e) At a standoff inside the screen the normal structure being protected against rocket propelled attack which gives climatic protection, and may stop any residual fragments.

f) This structure is also shown with a Defence-Structures mortar screen and roof.

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