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contractors and manufacturers for cover from view buildings for Iraq and Worldwide

Cover From View

Nothing can guarantee safety against all threats, but removing the ability of evil-doers to see, to aim, to zero in, to get to know routines, routes, persons is one of the best ways of enhancing safety, for the minimum cost and disruption.

A cover from view screen is a simple cheap fence they cannot see through. Defence-Structures design and manufacture a range of cover from view screens, with galvanised posts and rails. They can be cantilevered from foundations in the ground; or fixed to existing concrete pavements; or fixed to moveable concrete blocks; or simply placed on the ground and have their ballast boxes filled with wet concrete.

In the event of blast they are designed to fold around the central rail without producing flying debris; and can simply be re-clad. They can be in a variety of heights and designed for a variety of wind conditions.

contractors for cover from view buildings for Iraq and Worldwide
Different cover from view screens protecting a compound

The above sketch shows the following:

a) Cover from view screens may be erected around the entire complex or
b) locally to screen off particular areas from particular threats.
c) Both sides of a perimeter cover from view screen should be able to be observed. Perimeters like this should be in straight lines between OPs. They may form the outer screen of a double boundary fence. The gap between the two fences should be observed and patrolled.

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