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Military Barracks and Headquarters Buildings

Nothing can make military barracks 100% resistant to all forms of attack but Defence-Structures buildings are safer and will save lives. Casualties are caused by incoming weapons and their fragmentation; and by flying glass and bits of structure; but the most dangerous and devastating tragedies have occurred with the collapse of masonry buildings.

Defence-Structures military buildings and barracks, with composite deck floors lightly built on joists and beams, rigidly fixed to the columns resist the effect of blast (and seismic and hurricane load). The sheeting can be frangible (that is, will bend, deflect, wrap around its supporting steel) but not fall to bits and fly around. Windows can self-open, and have polycarbonate glazing. Blast resistant windows utilising Laminate can also be fitted. Even normal glass can be improved with filming. Where blast resisting glass is used it must be held in place with steel mullions and transoms fixed strongly to defence-structures frames and designed to bend plastically without fracturing.

Read our document on How to Make Buildings Robust/Structures Resilient.

Of course such defence structures will also be safer with Defence-Structures Mortar Roofs, Rocket Screens, Blast Walls, Cover From View Screens and Double Lock Blast Gates

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