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Vehicle Checkpoints

1) Vehicle check points present many dangers and there is no foolproof method of eliminating all dangers. Here are some of the problems:
  a) People driving straight through on purpose, perhaps using weapons, putting VCP staff, passing public as well as themselves in danger.
  b) Suicide or other car bombers intending to stop with the same dangers.
  c) Innocent persons accidentally driving through and being killed or injured by VCP obstacles and/or by VCP staff, with very bad effects for the victims, for the in Iraq and Worldwide publicity and for morale of VCP staff.
  d) People of evil intent being able to see staff routines and the methods of checking, and discovering weaknesses, and thus reducing the value of the VCP.
  e) Long hold ups, dismaying road users and causing bad publicity.
  f) Difficulty prioritising vehicles to be searched.
  g) Apart from the above, the difficulty of actually training the staff and doing the checking and running the VCP.

2) Defence-Structures Vehicle Check Points can offer some remedies to some of these problems. It should not surprise anyone that the end result is like a motorway fuel station, or an efficient cross border customs post.
The checkpoint must provide:
  a) A labyrinth forcing at least 2 sharp changes of direction which have to be taken slowly.
  b) The straight-on route has to be very clearly seen to be impassable, by day or night, with no by-pass.
  c) The route through has to be divided into several lanes, as many as needed to keep the queues down.
  d) Each bay needs an easy way of preventing vehicles from leaving; chain hedge hogs can help here. The exit must also have a gate covered by observation posts and the rapid reaction room.
  e) Each bay should be separated by cover from view screens or blast walls, depending on the threat.
  f) Each bay must be observed by a sangar which either covers the bay with armed equipment or at least appears to, as well as the 1 or 2 vehicle checkers per bay.
  g) The VCP should provide secure and comfortable accommodation, rapid reaction guardroom, observation posts.
  h) The normal security systems are needed, depending on the perceived threat, as well as grillage floors.
  i) Steel road bumps discourage high speed.
  j) An overall roof provides weather protection.

contractors for vehicle checkpoints for Iraq and Worldwide
A multi-lane vehicle checkpoint

The above sketch shows the following:

a) Climatic or other protection.
b) Crew rooms, observation posts, rapid action room.
c) Climatic or other protection.
d) Cover from view screens or blast walls.
e) Search bays.
f) Entry.
g) Highly visible signs make straight-on impossible.
h) Ditches prevent by-pass.

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