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Bunkers. Forward Operating Base. Protected Accommodation.

Defence Structures manufacture and supply defence bunkers which are ideal for many forward situations.

Our design of Bunker is ideal for use as a Forward Operating Base (FOB), being light, air portable and easy to assemble.

They are light, air portable and easy to assemble.

The Cellular membrane walls of the defense bunker are light, strong, resilient and well tested against a variety of threats.

The defence bunker roofs are steel framed with steel decking and can carry substantial energy absorbing layers and will resist common threats.

The roof and side walls are protected by screens and weather cladding.

The tools needed to erect the defense bunker are simple and readily available, and are always supplied with the structures.

There are a variety of options of doors, windows, embrasures, vents, labyrinths and so on available so that our defence bunkers can be multi use.

The equipment is entirely re-locatable if needed.

The dimensions are variable. A standard defence bunker may be 5m wide inside by 9.7m long by 2.4m clear height. But the length is easily extendable. Any size of bunker is feasible. We have made them 50m wide and 70m long and 5m clear height, for example.

Please tell us what you need to cover; or what you want to protect.

A Defence Structures, Forward Operating base can help your units stay safe, comfortable and effective.

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