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Military Buildings Incorporating Force Protection

Defence Structures are defense contractors for blast resistant military buildings and other critical infrastructure, specialising in purpose made force protection against a variety of threats including bomb blast protection and explosion mitigation solutions. We build, supply and erect defensive barracks, headquarters buildings, blast walls, cover from view screens, gates, hardened hangars, mortar resistant roofs, observation posts, hangars, rocket screens, road barriers, observation posts, dangerous goods stores, vehicle checkpoints and workshops.

Bunkers, Forward Operating Bases, Protected Accommodation
Defence Structures bunkers are ideal for many forward situations. They are light, air portable and easy to assemble.

Barracks and Headquarters
Force protection is an important factor in peacekeeping and peacemaking operations. Defensive structures can help. The military buildings from Defence-structures are safer than most others for Headquarters and Barracks.

Blast protection of these facilities and the personnel using and protecting them can be enhanced with our defensive structures.

Cover from view Screens
Cover from view screens prevent terrorists from aiming their weapons and from looking in to work out routines, give notice of existing personnel, observe defences. Our cover from view screens are simple cheap fences which your security people will need anyway.

Blast Walls
Blast walls can be built to resist blast and deflect blast waves upward, reducing the lethality of bombs and helping to keep them at a distance. Blast protection is a vital component of any defensive structure or the force protection of military buildings.

Critical National Infrastructure (CNI)
understanding the risks and how we can help to protect against CNI in the area of structures, barriers and gates. Read further to understand what CNI is and how we can help?

Road Barriers
Our road barriers will stop trucks and their payloads dead, and keep them outside our protected area. A protection barrier is a highly effective anti-terrorism measure against suicide bombing.

Blast Gates
Defence structures blast gates and lock gate systems will give better control of ingress into our sterile areas.

Observation Posts/Sangars
All fences and gates need to be overlooked by sangars and/or observation posts. Men inside these need force protection, probably with cover from view, mortar roofs, rocket screens, blast walls.

Mortar Roofs
Attacks by terrorist mortars penetrate roofs and walls of soft skinned military buildings. The building fragments, particularly glass then become weapons. Our force protection mortar roofs catch, disrupt or detonate incoming mortar rounds from enemy insurgents and stop or de-energise fragmentation providing sophisticated mortar bomb defence.

Rocket Screens
A rocket screen provides a form of rocket defense and force protection. Rocket propelled grenades (RPGs) are deadly against the walls of buildings, and our Rocket screens will catch, disrupt or detonate incoming rockets, then stop or de-energise fragmentation.

Vehicle Check Points
Vehicle check points are a vital part of policing and anti terrorism. They present risks of accidental death or injury to innocent road users; and to security personnel from terrorists and insurgents. They can cause a lot of bad feeling and bad publicity. Our vehicle check points (VCPs) offer effective risk mitigation and reduce negativity.

Miscellaneous Building
Defence structures can produce workshops, aircraft hangars and hardened facilities. These can be of any size for any loading condition. We can also produce stores, of the soft skin variety and for hazardous materials.

We make all types of workshops, from the smallest B vehicle workshop to tank hangars, C130 hangars and base overhaul hangars.

The British Army and their allies have our military buildings (complete with force protection doors, windows, mezzanines...) all over former Yugoslavia, Kosovo, Iraq, Belize, Kenya, Cyprus and many other places of interest.

Of course, we also make a full range of other steel buildings and force protection military defense structures.

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